All Aboard!


Cap'n Slimey - Electric Mandolin/Harmonica/Vocals


I always say, “No matter how I feel any particular day, I ALWAYS feel better after playing music”. I play an electric Mandolin, Harmonica with FreakTrain Band. Been playing and singing with bands my whole life and I can say this is the best group of musicians I have ever been lucky enough to play with. Song lyrics (mostly humorous) come to me whether I’m ready or not. FreakTrain Band gives me a chance channel these stories whether we’re playing a cover tune or an original. We have great IMPROV sessions that incorporate instrumental and verbal banter - Jams. Our fans love the uniqueness this brings to our shows.

Come on out to one of our shows and take the tour, it’s free!

Dave - Keyboards and Vocals



Dave started studying and playing drums at the age of 9. He played in drum corps and participated in tours of the Mid-west and Canada. After knee surgeries slowed down his marching "career" Dave started playing in area bands which was challenging musically but a lot easier on his knee. Moving north for a summer to teach music at a camp Dave started playing in the Wisconsin and Illinois area. 

After taking a few years off Dave decided to include keyboards in his musical abilities. He has since performed either as a keyboard player, drummer, or bass player in many  bands, including The UnHeard Of, Boney Fingers, The James Brown tribute band SPANK, 4 Lane Hwy, David Marshall Band, Echo Road and others. 

Dave has displayed great musical versatility through the years by logging many hours as a studio musician. He has also been involved in recording sound tracks for films and has paid his dues in numerous "house bands". 

Dave says "I feel very fortunate to have played with the talented people I have met over the years. I am very excited about playing with FreakTrain. I am getting the chance to play with some very good friends both old and new." 

Dave enjoys stamp collecting. He once played Godzilla in a movie, and is a Virgo.

Joe - Guitar and Vocals


The Green Bastard From Parts Unknown...reputed to be the product of a time-travel accident involving a particle accelerator, a bobby pin, and a three-martini lunch.

Pete - Guitar and Vocals



I have to write Peety Guitar's "Bio Hazard"?

Peety is a guitar player, loco to El Dorado county. He has provided guitar support for such bands as: "Replacements", "Legend" "Sum Ju Ju", "SlaveGirls," and "Free Trade". 

Peety can often be found singing and playing at local open mic's. 

"I'm not a musician, but I play guitar. I'm not a performer, but I like to showcase my originals," says Peety. 

He is a talented singer/songwriter, with dozens of originals. Peety also likes to collaborate with other artists, including a handful co-written by Jamie Faw of Raven Wood studio fame. 

Peety is currently (as of 2018), sitting in with Freak Train, and is fortunate enough to work with virtuoso musicians like Joe Kimberlin. 

"I was invited to sit in with FreeTrade in 2000, when Monk was the front man, and I never left. If they are foolish enough to let me play in the band, I am foolish enough keep playing." Peety also says, "Support your local musicians, or someday you may not have live music..."

Jason - Drums


Coach Jason is a strummer and a drummer. After a long hiatus from music he is back on scene and enjoying the FreakTrain vibe. Many moons ago, Jason was a member of Pavlov's Dogs, Family Pole, and Walter Ego. He has an eclectic appreciation of most musical genres - anything from Mudvayne to Kenny Rogers.

5 favorite drummers: Danny Carey, Neil Peart, Tim Alexander, Carter Beauford,

Stewart Copeland

5 bands on current playlist: Mother Hips, Fruition, Minus the Bear, Q and Not U, Radiohead

He is a huge fan of eight hand massages, long ascents on granite, and blower POW.

Greg - Bass


Greg started playing piano at the age of 8. He began playing bass at age 14 after a musical mentor said that there are tons of guitarists for bands, but everyone needs a bass player. Greg has played in many bands of different genres, and has also worked for years as a studio musician. He has played to audiences both large and small, and he brings his passion for musical performance to every gig, regardless of crowd size. Greg says "Playing in FreakTrain Band is one of the most fun and rewarding music experiences I've had. Top notch professionals and really nice guys who love to play loud rock and roll as much as I do".

Greg has two left feet, and one thumb is actually a big toe.